08-1020 Brevik Pl, Mississauga

 Corporate Tax Course (T2)

The Corporate Tax Course is designed for the Canadian Private Corporation. This course covers all of the relevant tax topics that will help you become employable in public accounting and industry.

This course teaches the basics of corporate taxes and how to fill out tax returns. Corporate Tax Lessons include:

  1. Filing income and capital gains from business activities, such as dividends or passive investments
  2. Recording expenditures for shares purchased but not yet sold (capital cost allowance)
  3. Record capital cost allowance as an expense
  4. All Corporate Tax Schedules
  5. How to fill out a Corporate Tax Return on software such as Cantax or Taxprep.com

This course is perfect for those who may be filing their first corporate tax return, looking to work at public accounting firms, government agencies that audit corporations, and any company that may be looking to hire a Corporate Tax professional.

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